I have been in the same industry for 25 years and have only worked for two firms. Therefore, when I decided to make a change in late 2015, I had no resume (frankly never had one). Tiffanie worked with me to create one from scratch. The resume resulted in three attractive offers, San Francisco, Atlanta and Tampa. I cannot overstate my total satisfaction with her product.

Roddy T.

Commercial Property Management Executive

I’ve known Tiffanie as a recruiter for over 20 years. Her placements and hires speak for themselves. However, where I’ve found her to be extremely valuable is in helping me develop my resume and my bio’s for a variety of business situations. As an entrepreneur who’s businesses have been acquired multiple times by publicly traded companies, I have needed to present my skills and experience to private and institutional investors, leadership forums, potential acquirers and to new colleagues. Tiffanie has been my resource every time to provide an expert and objective viewpoint. I have counted on her knowledge and sound advice when I’ve faced internal interviews and salary negotiations during these transitions. She has been not only a helpful confidence building resource, but when considering the minor time and expense invested with her has yielded fantastic returns.

Chris R.

Paycard Industry Executive

Tiffanie is so much more than a recruiter. She invested time in me. Tiffanie is a great listener and she helped me understand how best to navigate the road on my career development. Her insights, advice and recommendations have played a critical role at many points along my professional journey. Tiffanie is amazing and I always seek her counsel before making significant job decisions.

Ed C.

National Accounts Manager, Financial Services

Tiffanie is a highly respected recruiter and the professional I trusted to express my career highlights and achievements. Her expertise and knowledge of the recruiting industry is exceptional. Tiffanie created a resume which led to interview opportunities and ultimately secured a great placement! I'm grateful for her skills and the advice she provided at such a critical time.

Krista H.

Accounting Specialist

Commercial Real Estate Development

I had worked at my same employer for over 22 years, so I never needed a resume. I was approached about a great new opportunity that I wanted to pursue. I sent Tiffanie a skeleton of a resume, and the job description for the position I was being recruited for. We discussed my experience on the phone. And she took it from there. I felt so much more comfortable interviewing using the resume she created. The new resume not only communicated my skills and abilities, but it was compatible with the new companies applicant tracking system, something I knew nothing about! If you find yourself in this situation, I’d recommend Tiffanie’s services.

Sue M.

Commercial Insurance Account Manager


Here is what you have to say about our services:
  • Resume writing
    • Creating / Editing
  • Career coaching
    • Internal promotions
    • External searches
  • Interview prep / mock interviews
  • LinkedIn Profile / Networking

Recruiting Services

  • Full life cycle recruitment
  • Sourcing strategy
  • Screening / interview guides
  • Pitch development

Interview services

  • Phone interviews for internal or external candidates -
    • An external candidate that may have the best credentials, but needs interview practice coaching before being put in front of a hiring manager
    • An internal candidate that has no interview experience!
  • Questions based on your job description & behavioral needs
  • Typed verbatim as the candidate answers & shared with you.
  • Shared with / without commentary

LinkedIn Training

  • How to find people - high level sourcing
  • Maximizing job postings
  • Effective LinkedIn messaging - how to get the best responses.

Resume & bio creation

Found a great passive candidate with no resume? We can help.

Have an internal candidate without a resume or bio, we can help craft it with more information than you can craft from the HR system.

Have an executive that needs a bio for non-profit board? We can help with that too.



Just a few examples of our services...