Candidate Services

Do you have an up to date resume? Is it current and modern, following today's trends? Is it formatted for applicant tracking systems? How do you look on LinkedIn - from a recruiter's perspective? Can I find you?

Changing industries? We can help identify transferrable skills and help you present them according to the new industries standards.

Whether you are in the market for a new job, or a better one at your current company, we can help you tell your story.

We can review and edit your existing resume, biography,  and/or LinkedIn profile, or help you create them from scratch.

Recruiter Services

We know you are busy. We know you have to source, screen and sell your candidates - all while keeping your clients or hiring managers happy. 

In today's job market, the best candidates are often not looking, so they have no resume, or LinkedIn profile, for you to share with your clients or hiring managers. 

We can help.

Need professional references or recommendation done?

We can help.

Do your recruiters need training on how to source candidates in new markets?

We can help.

Does your small business need help building it's recruiting processes.

We can help.

Interview Services

This service is available to candidates and recruiters.


Been in your same role forever? Whether you are looking for a job within your existing company, or externally, you may need to practice your interview skills, either in person or on the phone.

Does your resume get you in the door, but your interviews haven't gone well? We can work on that.


Run out of time for an in-depth behavior based interview? Send us the job description,  and we can send you back a typed copy of the phone interview with your candidate, based on your role. 

Have an internal candidate that hasn't interviewed in years? We can practice with them and give you the typed transcripts of the call. We can also provide them with feedback, or allow you to give it based on specifics of situation.


In person mock interviews

For our clients located in the Tampa Bay area, we offer in person mock interviews. This service is available for candidates and recruiters to utilize.